Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gautam Gambhir : The rising star

There have been many rising stars of Indian cricket in the last 5 years or so. But only a few of them actually could take the longer leap to becoming a star. Many of them showed promise but only a few of them could actually be consistent. The Indian media's hype or the big endorsements,some of them are too immature to take it. looking at those who went ahead on the road of success, Gautam Gambhir's name makes its mark. He has proven it in the one dayers and test matches too. His knock of an unbeaten 149 on the first day of the third test between India and Australia [Border Gavaskar Trophy], was another reminder of a cool head on an angry young man. Sounds contradictory, but it is true. He showed the coolness while batting, but kept his stance aggressive against shane watson who tried his best to play the mind game against Gambhir.

Staying cool while working is the mark of a successful man. He has shown it time and again. But today's cricketing strategists would also ask you to be aggressive. The captaincy of Sourav Ganguly first showed the signs of an aggressive Indian team. It was earlier faintly visible at the time of Kapil Dev. But now the young brigade is dominating world cricket with their attitude and skill.

I just hope the word consistency stays with Gambhir and like M S Dhoni he too rises as a leader. Yuvraj on the other hand has behaved immaturely at times and I am skeptical of him playing the role of the one day vice-captain.

In all spheres consistency and hard work shows in performance. I am sure more of the young guys in the team like Amit Mishra, Suresh Raina and Ishant Sharma, who is already proving a point take India's cricket to a new level.