Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tauqeer's Mother : Hang my son

A distraught Zubeida Qureishi, mother of Abdus Subhan Qureishi alias Tauqeer, who is wanted in connection with the terror e-mails, appealed to her son on Wednesday to come out in public and clear his name.

“I am a Hindustani and my son cannot do anything that is so terrible,” she told a packed press conference. “However if he is guilty, hang my son in front of me,” she said, breaking down.

“We are from a good family and we have brought him up well. In 1999, he was separated from us after he got married and lived in a rented house. He later went to stay in Mira Road with his wife in 2001. If my son is hearing this, let him come out from wherever he is. If he is guilty, let him be punished. But first let his guilt be proved.”

This is precisely what I had pointed out in my previous post. The parents of the terrorists are also not interested in violence. They also want to be proud parents and not shamed ones. Lets hope justice is given to everybody, those suffering and those guilty.

Source:The Hindu