Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sex Education : An Indian formality

Sex Education course material says it all. After the furore over the course material last year the National Aids Control Organization(NACO) is up with a tamed course material this year. The course material shows that sex education is mere formality in India.

The explicit pictures in the teachers handbooks are out, and so are the words like intercourse, condoms, and masturbation.

So cagey is the text about offending sensibilities that the chapter on conception doesn't even mention intercourse, this when 15 per cent of all pregnancies in the country are teenage pregnancies.

Source : IBN Live

The big question is that why are money and resources being spent on a thing that is not taken seriously. The issue is serious and sensitive and over cautious and conservative approach will lead to an even more repressive society. I would like to question the authorities by asking, whats wrong in this ?