Saturday, September 20, 2008

M C Sharma's death won't go in vain

M C Sharma, a cop died in the encounter in Jamia Nagar in South delhi, days after the blasts that took lives of over 22 people in Delhi. His efforts I feel have gone in vain as redients of Jamia Nagar shouted slogsns against the police, claiming that the encounter was fake. What the Fk!
A cop gives his life for something fake.
Muslims of that area say their religious place was targetted. In this war against India, why do we always divide ourseleves on the basis of religion. Why don't peole realize that the person dying is an Indian, a human. He can be Hindu or a Muslim. This is an attempt by the people of those countries who don't want to see us prosper. We have to unite in this troubled time, salute those who have given their lives for the cause, a stand firm against the conspirators.