Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Condom @ Callcenter

Yesterday, I read an article in the Times of India titled condom @ Call Center Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (APSACS) is asking the call centers companies to place condom vending machines in their offices.That sounds like a great idea, since there are stats, which suggest that 90% of the call center employees are sexually active. Hence the possibility of AIDS is high. So whats the issue all about ?
Then comes the height of stupidity. The governement is not reeady to disclose the details of the IT companies installing condom vending machines. Why ?
Because condoms are associated with "immoral sex" Whoops!!!
Immoral Sex or Safe Sex
This is what Indian leaders of 21st century think. Cmmon guys, what world are you living in.Is this the stone age or the medieval age. It seems to me that the age has changed but not the minds of our "Respected" leaders.
If world's largest democracy chooses such leaders, its a pity.
Think about the call center employees. What wrong are they dping to suffer this humiliation. Directly associating them with immoral sex. What will the family think if they read such news. Their son/daughter going to an immoral place, because the governemnt thinks so. Bizzare!!!
Our leaders need some counselling.