Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bomb blast at Marriott in Pakistan : Terror leaves nobody

Terror spares nobody, is what the blasts in Islamabad at the J W Marriott have shown to the world. It does not depend whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim, an Indian or a Pakistan national, till the time someone supports it, it’ll stay. It was India first, now it is Pakistan. There were a lot of Pakistani bloggers who said, “Long live Indian Mujahideen”, now at-least they know; there is no glory to it. It is only an agonizing pain, which will last for a last time. The bomb that has claimed lives of over 40 people till now is believed to have made a 20 feet crater. My commiserations to the families of all those who’ve lost a member and to those who’ve been injured by the explosion. The pain and agony is like that felt by king Lear in Shakespeare‘s play, when he is shown the door by his two daughters. Similar is the story of two nations, who are alike, still enemies, still fighting, lost causes, lost in the storm of ego, power and arrogance. There is a greater enemy, destroying both of us from within, weakening the spirit of both that once fought a single cause, that of freedom from the British Raj.
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