Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On road craters

On road graves, it sounds something related to accidents, you might think, but that ain't this posts' content. I stay in Delhi, the capital of the developing India, but something I observe everyday makes me feel I am back to stone age, literally. Its more than just an observation, shaking me all over from within. It is the on road grave, the pot holes that have become large enough to fit in a stuffed big car. Mountain biking, I'd say would loose the battle when it comes to driving on the capital's roads in terms of the vibrations and roughness. The newly built flyovers have also broken down in this bustling city. The vibrations get to your head in no time and as a result people try to catch up when they find a free stretch, void of craters leading to more accidents. The poor state of affairs has lead to this city loosing precious revenue on account of time lost in transportation. You need some really good stress busters to keep up in this big and poorly managed city.
My apologies to Shiela Dixit and congress, but it seems you don't deserve another chance after you've screwed up the city transport with the BRT corridor. It could be your economic sense for private reasons that you went for such an untested project.Some info for all congress supporters who might argue with delhi metro, delhi metro was a BJP initiative.