Sunday, August 10, 2008

China Shining, India hiding

China has shown the world what it is capable of. Behind the glitz, fireworks and the splendor of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics is a hidden message saying "We are here" . The country has shown the world what its is capable of. The truly magnificent ceremony came like a dragon pouncing on the world super powers, overshadowing the ceremonies held till date. The dragon also ate away the cultural might of the over rated India. The peerless performance made its resonance all across the world and like the great wall could have been felt in space too. The ineffable event even made the seers think about India's future. Indian condition seemed penury with their mismatched outfits and shoddy presentation.

It does not make me feel proud when I hear my friends and family say that it'll take India another 10 years or more matching this sort of event. The fallacy of an Indian about his culture has been shown the reality in lights of the fireworks that went off that evening. I might sound jealous, but thats how every passionate Indian would feel. Our leaders have let us down. They have brought only shame to our country. The nuclear deal in parliament, bribing of MP's and double sided nature of parliamentarians makes me ask a few questions. "Are they really interested ? Do they want India to become a world power ? Do they want electricity in all homes or do they just want to highlight Kalawati" .
I applaud the Chinese people for setting up a spectacular show, but what I want to know is what can we do ?
Are we prepared to host such an event on world stage. Are we competent enough or simply apathetic ?