Friday, July 25, 2008

Nuclear Deal:Pakistan says it will start arms race, bull shit

External affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee made it it clear that the nuclear deal was for a purely civilian use as India dismissed the talks of Pakistan saying the nuclear deal will begin an arms race. Arms race is still going on. It does not need this nuclear deal to catapult in to a new sphere. There is open information that china is giving its technology to Pakistan to make lethal nuclear weapons. It is also known that terrorists are hiding in Pakistan as Obama talks of bombing parts of the country with suspected terrorists groups. Pakistan is cribbing about a deal that can catapult its rival brother with the world's second highest GDP to become a future world dominant power. The United States of America is using India against china and Pakistan along with the latter are trying their best throw India off key. This deal I would say isn't something we should be very proud about since now the whole world knows that Indian MPs can be bought, a fact that is now accessible to terror groups. MPs, the representatives of people are commodities, you just need to put the right price. Their worth is definitely more than a few crores but not indefinite. The Indian business sector had a lot to benefit from this deal and it is very much possible that their vested interests could bought the big (or rather small) moolah into this game. Pakistan the rebel brother of India certainly is immature enough to say that we are starting the arms race. They should see who started it first. It seems they have forgotten 1965,1971 and the Kargil war, or they have forgotten the chinese back stab in 1961. China is aggressive, two sided and wants more power. With power comes greed and there lies the evil dragon within them. I have nothing against the chinese, but I have a lot against those in power and those supporting them because in future to survive we will need nuclear energy for civil purposes. Those who think of nuclear bombs and wars think the same about other people as in the case of Pakistan. We are happy and Nuclear for peace and love, friendship and trust.
Sushant Kumar