Saturday, July 26, 2008

Manmohan Singh not a weak prime minister

Advani has always treated the PM in a manner not expected of a leader of a political party that boasts at being different. PM has in the past also commented on being called a weak PM, “that whether or not he is weak will be judged by history”. And he made history on 22nd July by taking India ahead on nuclear path not by exploding a bomb but using it for peaceful purpose of generating Electricity for the country. He also proved to the country that he is not a weak PM by taking on Advani and exposing the Pseudo-intellectualism of Advani and BJP.

Even the BJP is aware of the importance of the nuclear agreement and its benefits to the nation. Their allies like the Shiv Sena and the Akalis have openly said that the agreement is good for the country, but BJP under Advani has tried to stall the passage of the bill so as not to give the credit to Manmohan Singh who has staked his every thing for the progress it can bring to the country. Advani to belittle the PM is even willing to stop the agreement which is expected to bring progress to the nation.

Advani turned a blind eye to the riots in Gujarat under Modi, is that not weakness. Advani goes to Pakistan, praises Jinnah and back tracks after returning to India because his party and RSS do not support him, is that not weakness. Not allowing to pass the agreement in parliament so that they can do it when they come to power, is that not weakness. Leading all the people to Babri Masjid, destroying it, and then calling it a sad day in his life, is that not weakness.

It is not Manmohan Singh who is weak, but Advani who is weak of character and the earlier the country does not accept people like him to lead the country the better this country would be

If BJP, Akalis and Shiv Sena who all do belive that the deal is beneficial for the country would have voted for the same along with the congress only on this issue, there would have been no need for any horse trading which was a sad part of the entire process. If only our politicians put the nations interest above their personal ambition (read Advani’s ambition to become PM even at the cost of country’s interest) India could go miles ahead. But what to do we have a weak leader of opposition in the parliament, who does not even care.

I never voted for the congress but the BJP. Only in the last elections I voted against BJP for what it did in Gujarat. I do not whom to vote for now, probably Manmohan Singh if he is made PM again by teh congress


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