Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bombs rock Ahemdabad as terror strikes twice

At least 13 serial blasts in crowded market areas in the space of 20 minutes rocked the Gujarat capital on Saturday night leaving two killed and 48 injured.

The low-intensity explosions occured at eight areas of Maninagar, Isanpur, Narol circle, Bapunagar, Hatkeshwar and Sarangpur bridge, Sarkej and Odhav and created a wave of panic.

This is the second time that terrorists has struck a blow in 2 two days. First it was Bangalore and now ahemdabad is facing a similar crisis on a slightly larger scale. Few people in this world who have no value for their life have decided to terrorize the lives of innocents and hence leaving the world in chaos.

The timing of the serial blasts comes just after the nuclear deal.

Past: Some of the bombs were believed to have been placed in cycles eerily similar to the Jaipur blasts on May 13 in which 65 persons died. A couple of bombs were reported to have been placed in tiffin boxes in a modus operandi similar to the explosions outside a Lucknow court last year.

Lucky escape: One state government CNG bus in which one of the blasts occured was ripped through the middle.

The outer body of the bus was completely smashed while surprisingly most of the seats remained intact including the CNG tank.