Sunday, October 25, 2015

Nobody's perfect - Volkswagen should NOT cut down on communication

Volkswagen, Europe's largest car-maker is facing its biggest crisis in its 78-year history. On 22nd Sept, 2015 it said that as around 11 million diesel cars across the world were equipped with an engine type that could skew emissions data. While this highlights a dangerous unethical management culture, it's perhaps the biggest threat to the iconic brand.

Volkswagen has recently announced that it has frozen all promotions. While media spends can be cut down due to the huge financial losses, communication should not stop. Brands are social actors capable of forming intimate relationships. While these relationships for Volkswagen are strained right now, it's important to not cut them off completely even if momentarily. It won't give a return in the short run but will go a long way in restoring the lost trust.

It's important to inform that Nobody's perfect.

1960 Volkswagen America Ad