Monday, August 12, 2013

Indian Social Media and Beer Branding - Not using it!

Indian Social Media is full of young people who are chilling out and having a gala time. To put this in a more serious way here are some numbers

Out of many sectors, one sector that has under capitalized this resource is the Beer Industry. 32% out there on Social Networking Sites in India are above the legal age bracket for alcohol. I did a small study in my company (Drizzlin) to check out the market size on Social Media. It is over 5 million.

Indian Beer Market on Social Media (Check out the entire stats)

Interestingly Social Media presents a forum for beer brands to brand themselves among eager youth willing to consume those brands. Yet, to my surprise only a few Beer Brands have official India specific pages on Facebook or active Twitter channels to brand themselves. Even a Kingfisher Beer has a global page and nothing specific for India.

It is important to have geography specific platforms and content to build a culture, especially if you are a beverage brand. Food and Alcohol are strongly associated with cultures. Even a McDonalds customizes its menu in India and China despite its standardization. A beer's cultural association in Germany is very different from that in North America or India.

Considering the restrictions on traditional media to promote alcoholic products and the use of alcoholic beverage brands to come out with soda labels or music CDs (surrogate brands) to brand themselves, Social Media presents a good avenue to target the consumer. Yet very few are using it!

Agree with this? Post your thoughts below.