Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Delhi Food Walks - Offline socializing through Online Connections

I recently was part of an offline meet called D-ART initiated by my organization that intended to bring together artists on one platform. This chat made me come across the "Delhi Food Walks", an initiative to give an experience of Delhi Street Food by bringing them together for a walk.

It started purely out of interest for street food and has now become a major avenue for Indian and foreign tourists to experience Delhi Street Food. The walks are informed through an online event created on the Facebook page and an invite to register.

Interestingly an activity like "Delhi Food Walks" points to a greater digital trend. Internet, which was seen as a medium to connect without borders and physical proximity has become an enabler for people to meet offline. It has transcended from becoming a mere tool to engage in discussions for various interest groups to experiencing the activity together in an offline environment.

"Like" does not change the way we live. An interaction does! I see more people investing their time in taking online discussions around their interest to an offline space. It points to a broad social trend where people want to invest more time in things they like to do. Internet in this regard has become a space to show people the possibilities that can be pursued by anyone. A few enterprising ones have made a sustainable business out of it.