Friday, January 11, 2013

Arnab Goswami, Twitter and India

An unlikely messenger has become the message - Arnab Goswami! His firebrand approach and ability to vocally gun down politicians makes people watch the Times Now News Hour in a hope that things will change.

In the beautifully articulated words of Swapan Dasgupta, "On air he becomes a voice of indignation, anger and even insolence. These are qualities which the little man doesn’t possess in abundance. He wants to kick the errant netas. Since he can’t, he is happy for Arnab do it for him."

While this hope has increased TRPs of Times Now News Hour debate, it has also lead to an almost three day continuous trending of Arnab Goswami. Here is a list of tweets that were really funny. 
Once Rajnikanth taught a baby to talk...that baby was named Arnab Goswami!
Arnab Goswami might probably be the only guy in the world to fight with his wife and win.
Apparently the Indian Army has decided to deploy its deadliest weapon yet code named Arnab Goswami ;)
If Arnab Goswami wants his audience to survive his show this ENTIRE year, it's about time he wished them a Happy New "Ear"!
Indian Cricket Team is in serious trouble.We need a new coach.I can think of only one name - ARNAB GOSWAMI Dhoni should be punished by making him face Arnab Goswami in NewsHour! 
While Arnab Goswami gives the daily dose of hope to the powerless common man, there is one characteristic that I observed in nature of tweets. What started as a serious thought to Arnab Goswami's show on News Hour quickly became a mode of fun, and satire. Questioning Pranab Mukherjee's son (see Arnab Goswami Mashup) on callous remarks on the Delhi Gang Rape or the brutality of Pakistan, twitterati was more bothered about the funny remark they made about Arnab Goswami.

The important question however is - Is the indulgent Indian twitterati bothered about the core issue? Or is it that they've lost hope too?

Is the growing humor surrounding the messenger an indicator of the increasing helplessness we feel today?

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