Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yuvraj Singh - People love great stories, people love hope!

Yuvraj Singh flashed on the score board and the mental story board of all Indians. Almost everyone was watching with intent. As his first outing, he did great! All the prayers and his hard work seemed to have paid off. The Yuvraj Singh story is the story of a hero who is fighting back to get back his glory. This story has heroism, drama, and a constant struggle with life. When people had doubts on his comeback in cricket with the quagmire of cancer drowning him, he has worked to get out and make a comeback. His story gives people hope - A hope that they can do it too! The same was the case with Lance Armstrong, a legend till the heartbreaking news of doping drowned the hero and ended the story with despair. Lance Armstrong, despite court ruling received a lot of support primarily because the world did not want to loose a hero. Another popular story of heroism is that of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs became an icon not only because of his outstanding vision, but his story.
When the dots in life connect in the end, heroes are born! For Yuvraj Singh, the dots seem to be connecting but the story is far from over... (Picture abhi baaki hai)