Saturday, August 4, 2012

Marketer's destruction of environment

Our world is filled with advertisements and promotions. I am part of the community that does this sort of work. Apart from destroying the natural surroundings through ugly billboards, neon lights, glossy posters and other works of the money making mind, marketers are involved in another sinister act – Propagating Consumerism. By the time a child grows up, she has already seen thousands of hours of TV, scrolled through countless newspapers and magazines, and travelled through miles of roads with banners. All of these orchestrate the origin of materialistic aspirations. These aspirations are thieves of our lives. They make us work in order to fulfill them. We in-turn weaken social ties and spend time working to fulfill these desires. Through our chase of material goods we create a demand for energy mostly fuelled by fossil fuels. You drive a big car, which consumes more fuel, you have more air-conditioners at home, which mean more electricity consumption, and you stop re-using due to surplus, which means you put a more demand on production. In reality a big car or a bigger house won’t make you happy. Marketers make you think it will and the countless bombardment of promotions that carry this message often primes you to accept it as your source of happiness. Coming to the eco-system it creates an increasing demand on nature. Economies and population have grown. The last four decades have been pushed by increasing marketing and branding efforts. This is moving us closer to extinction. But, like other things we can stop it!

There is a solution to stabilizing the increasingly unstable environment. My city was hotter this year with lesser rainfall than what was there last year. I am beginning to feel that heat of an emerging economy - Monetary growth and environmental degradation. The solution I propose is to abstain from consumerism. These things seem like old boring jargon repeated by environmentalists. But you can do it in your own small way like refusing that polythene packet. You know the solution. Just do it! Your way, not the Nike way ;-)