Sunday, August 19, 2012

Is the digital future scary?

Science fiction movies are not all fiction. Naomi Wolf reports that in the race for making a country secure, popular tourists spots like Disney are using facial recognition technology developed by the United States military to track unaware tourists. 

She further reports that after the infamous occupy crackdown movement which witnessed brutalities against reporters of the occupy wall street movement and the protesters, she noticed "bizarre camera/lights had been installed not only all around Union Square but also around Washington Square Park" On taking a pic of them and asking she says, "Commentators who had lived in China said that they were the same camera/streetlight combinations that are mounted around public places in China. These are enabled for facial recognition technology, which allows police to watch video that is tagged to individuals, in real time".

I can see the Bourne series coming to life. But this is shit scary. The only missing piece in making this hell is a secret police. In the information age taking too much information (without consent) is like gaining power. It can be misused. Power definitely corrupts! The state can't take it from companies like Google who have too much of it already. Well "Not doing Evil" is a part of the DNA of Google. While people still have objections against this overly powerful search engine giant, state definitely has a history of evil acts. Acts that involve power, money, and oil. Is wearing a mask a way to get rid of the problem or lying low in a third world country a way to counter privacy violations. Why should I reveal my personal information beyond the fact that I am law abiding citizen?
There is little doubt that on the fact that we need a way to keep a check on this system of growing power. How will be the tricky part.