Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who values loyalty ?

A cousin of mine cleared the final exam and became a Chartered Accountant. It is not easy to clear the exam in one go but he did it. He did it despite the fact that he needed to work part-time and fund himself, and with family conditions not being the greatest and most conducive of all. Kudos to him!
As I came to know about his victory, I called him up to congratulate him. I also talked about future plans. He said he wanted to get in one company preferably in the education industry and work there for a long time and make it big. He stressed on staying in the company and being loyal to it.
To put it simply, the employee who has struggled to climb up in life values the importance of loyalty. He has been loyal to his goal. Those who get things easily in life mostly lack conviction and cause. For organizations it is important thus to foster such people whose rise has been a result of conviction and struggle.