Friday, February 3, 2012

2G Scam and Moral Scarcity

The marquee of Indian growth has been the Telecom sector. While it has been the necklace of the growth of India, the 2G scam has unfortunately shown the decadence of Indian value system. Social scientists often debate on the influence of the western culture on the Indian value system, what we see today is nothing close to it. The huge flow of money has eaten the Indian political leadership with ministers such as A. Raja and Kanimozi suffering from what can easily be called moral leprosy. Surprisingly it is being catalyzed with  outbursts against seemingly harmless comments made by celebrities such as the one made by Jay Leno which showed golden temple as a vacation home. Is it the religion and commitment to the religion? If it is, then where does it disappear when the soul is traded with devil for money damning the soul for eternity?
Can god help this country? Can God help my country?
While God safeguards the morals of this country, it's security has acted like a veil covering a world of moral scarcity that has engulfed the rulers of this state. The veil has provided a free pass for the devil to come in. The present is a portrait of this scarcity.