Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hard work or wasting away YOUTH?

What happens when a guy who loves his work stops loving it?
Or What happens when the work you love does not bring you success?
You start to question. Here is one such question.
I have no life. I never see any of my non-work friends, and I’m wasting away my one and only youth. I ought to be out doing fun things and active things, the kind of things I won’t be able to do when my mind and body finally decay. But instead I’m stuck inside under fluorescent lights, pushing bits around inside a computer in ways that are only interesting to other nerds.
Startups are not about billionaires. Risks are not shortcuts to success. They are about survival. People who learn it young have a higher chance of making a fortune. So stop cribbing. Start working. If you are over-worked, start f#ck&ng. But get back to work so that you don't stop loving it.
PS: Uncrunched has taken an interesting topic.