Friday, January 21, 2011

Some titles make you think twice

The creative department at some media agencies needs change. From being creative, they've become re-creative. They re-create a story in the hopes of attracting more people. Like this one.
For the first time, malaria 'caught in the act' - (Link)
Caught in the act? WTF was malaria trying to do? If you read the story and know malaria well, you might understand better.
Google shuffle: why Eric Schmidt had to be pushed from the top (Link)
Ok! I understand the sentiment of many Google fans, but why do you need to push Eric Schmidt from the top when he was peacefully replaced by Larry Page. Without offending anybody, had Schmidt's mom not known about the replacement, she might have suffered a heart attack after reading this.
I appreciate the intent of yellow journalism but I certainly question a pink elephant caught in the act while trying to eat a purple tomato. WTF are they trying to do?