Thursday, December 9, 2010

There is just one life

I was having a casual chat with a friend and talking about living with uncertainty.
His instant reaction: I hate to live in uncertainty. (Now let me tell you he is impulsive)
And yes we all like to live a comfortable, peaceful and certain life. In short we want a risk free life.
And thats when I made him read Seth's post of living with doubt. All successful people know the art of living with doubt.
His instant reactionThere is just one life and I want peace.
Yes, there is just one life but then choice is straightforward.Do you want glory by chasing your dreams or do you want peace ?
According to me, (and I could be wrong also) chasing a dream makes more sense because in the end there would peace and happiness coming from the victory of the chase. To my playboy friends, it is like chasing a woman till you win her over. Living with peace means letting go of the girl you want or love the most. It means letting go of the dream you've nurtured. Let the dream be the materialistic pleasure of buying an Aston Martin. Chasing it would mean being a part of the rat race and performing well.But, Sometimes, infact many times the uphill task of winning the rat race lowers our morale. Despite having the potential to kick those rats out of the race, we prefer to choose the "life with contentment". In the end chasing peace leaves us with an unfulfilled dream.
There is just one life. Where you go depends on what you choose. Had Steve Jobs chosen peace he would've been a saint at ISKCON. But he went ahead with Apple and now we have fonts, ipods, iphone, ipad and god knows how much more in years to come. Had Gandhi chosen a peaceful life, we would've still been another British Colony. Obama, Gandhi, King, Teressa, Jobs, Gates and many more chose change. There were dreams and a will to achieve them.
There is just one life and most of it is still left. All depends on what you choose now.