Friday, December 31, 2010

The stupid side of New Year

#1 To not offend others I'll start with my own example. My more orthodox relatives have a pooja on the morning of 1st January, whereas the younger breed goes camping at a sunrise party. I prefer to avoid both on a New Year nig since I am quite tired of the year that is about to end. (Although I'd anyday chose a sunrise party over a pooja.) All this results in a pretty messed up situation. Imagine sloshed people having to go through the agony of sitting in a two hour long havan. 
#2 Then there are people who want to message everyone on this planet "Happy New Year". The new and various forms of media like sms, email, Facebook, Twitter and abandoned orkut accounts are used to send a New Year Greeting and its really bugging. Seeing the same copied new year greeting from a search engine optimized site and deleting the message from one person three times is a big pain. Curse your stars if they end up calling you also (Although I prefer this over messages). 
#3 Please forgive me for this one (Seriously). There is a tribe of people who want to drink all the way to glory. They want to drink, drink, drink and finally make the pot drink whatever they drank that night. Such a waste. And may I ask why? "Its New Year's dude!"
#4 There are people who like to write. Pretty much like me. They like to compile what happened last year (Good, Bad and Ugly). Now with there heightened passion towards such pursuits and the power of Google, there is a list of Top 10 on almost every page you visit on web. Even your Facebook friends share such banally insightful stories. I am guilty of writing such posts on my blog too. They'll Google, compile and puke. Pretty much a replica of a drunkard's New Year party. The only thing is that its our eyes and ears are at the receiving end.
#5 And finally, this one if the stupidest of all (please read this. It is for your good). There is always one person in your group who does a unique stupid thing repetitively every year. No! I am not talking about your young uncle's son who pees in his pants. These people have a habit of doing something unique (like the Tare Zameen Par kid). I call them Einstein of the year. They hibernate throughout the year, live like a refugee and then suddenly pop out of their nappies on the New Year's eve. On one such New Year's party you get a frantic call. No! You've got it wrong again. Its not your stupid friend who agreed to marry a girl while he was drunk. These things happen on martyrs' day and every guy has a different day. These people are suddenly out in the open and the unlucky ones don't even manage to finish the party. They are guilty and they make everyone pay a price for it. They are guilty of drinking, driving and crashing. So if you have that Einstein of the year who can go faster than the speed of light and can break the law by drinking, driving and not crashing, please discourage him.
Issued in public interest. Happy New Year :)

PS: Although its been a while now, I don't really enjoy a New Year party because I lost a friend in one such incident.