Saturday, December 4, 2010

Are you the 3M of your field ?

Are your the problem solver ? Your value as an individual depends on how well do you solve problems. 3M stands tall today because of its unique ability to confront problems. The confrontation leads to thinking about it and if you are luck you may even solve it. 3M sets a good example on how to be successful on a consistent basis. Here is how it does.

For 3M, Failing to make sandpaper with the anorthosite, the founders decided to import minerals like Spanish garnet, after which sale of sandpapers grew. In 1914, customers complained that the garnet was falling off the paper. The founders discovered that the stones had traveled across the Atlantic Ocean packed near olive oil, and the oil had penetrated the stones. Unable to take the loss of selling expensive inventory, they roasted the stones over fire to remove the olive oil. This was the first instance of research and development at 3M.
The same goes for us. Problem solving ability gives us the power the way it has given 3M. Doing it on a consistent basis makes us consistently valuable.