Thursday, December 9, 2010

Age Appropriate Marketing

Padded bra's, playboy pencils and porn star T-shirts targeted at pre-teens could be banned in UK. UK prime minister David Cameron has expressed concern over children being subjected to sexualisation a a very young age. reports that
"By announcing a review into inappropriate marketing targeting children, the coalition has addressed a very real concern of UK parents. At the Family and Parenting Institute we have had many conversations with mothers and fathers who feel childhood is under threat."
There are many businesses that consider children as soft targets for commercialization and this is leading to 'lolita' beds and padded bikinis being sold to 7 year olds. I must say that David Cameron has addressed a very real issue and put into action soon. Press Association reports 
"Reg Bailey, chief executive of the Mothers' Union, has been appointed to lead the inquiry, which will have a free hand to make recommendations on whether there should be restrictions on sale, a watchdog or a Government-funded website for worried parents."
Bailey has asked parents to send such products they consider inappropriate. Telegraph reports
"Mr Bailey's review will gather evidence of ways children are having unfair commercial pressure put on them or being "prematurely sexualised" by retailers amid protests over high-heeled shoes and provocative underwear aimed at girls as young as 10."
The action plan till now has been swift and retailers who don't plan to get these products off market would be prosecuted. Mail online reports
"Retailers that refuse to discontinue obviously sexual products aimed at children – such as pole-dancing kits and padded bras – could be prosecuted under laws being considered by ministers."
Infact the unnecessary peer pressure coming from such products during the formative years can have a  negative on the development of the Individual. And like smoking this indirectly translates into the economy of the country. Just as the most important asset of a company are its human resources, the same is the case for a country. Smoking for instance impacts labour productivity since heavy smokers suffer from health diseases in the prime of their working lives. Multiply this by a billion and you have an economy being affected by smoking. You may also argue that these industries contribute a lot to the GDP, but then it is only short term. The same is the case with sexualized products. Its high time political leaders take cues from David Cameron and put breaks on such products and irresponsible marketing.