Thursday, December 23, 2010

Advertising is losing the battle

This day had haunted Peter for a long time. It was like he was gearing up for the final battle against Achilles. Christmas was 2 days away and the thought of this battle ruining Christmas made Peter very scared. He was finally visiting the dentist.

Mr. Peter, a young guy in his mid 30s was well in time for his appointment with Dr. Achilles but the story is a little bit different from here. The nightmarish dream of seeing scared faces all around at the waiting lounge had broken into a thousand pieces. Peter was shocked! Dr. Achilles was in demand. He was suddenly the Dr. Dolittle who every pet owner on the planet wanted to be with and the queue was long and distinguished. The waiting room had a TV that seemed more like a high class pimp saying, Only ads please. People were so sick of watching those ads that the kiosk nearby that offered chocolates at a 10% discount was out of chocolates. Yes, you might be thinking "discounted chocolates at a dentist  ???". Dr. Achilles used this to manage customer relationships, so that they'd keep coming all over again. His shining BMW outside the clinic was an indicator of his success. Infact the true story is that 3 years back those chocolates were being offered at 50% discount. Initially reluctant patients were persuaded to buy them due to the huge discount being offered.And Dr Achilles used to pay it from his own pocket for the extra discount. He had a bigger goal of retaining customers and extracting the moolah from his exorbitant fee. But as patients flocked in, it was TV that did the trick. The ads on the TV got the patients so bored that they ate more chocolates. The promotional offer had done the trick. With the TV swiftly shoving those ads down the throat of the waiting patients, people started buying more chocolates and Dr Achilles like a shrewd businessman exploited this opportunity and slowly reduced the discount.
Today people are so fed up of watching the ads of TV that they are paying a premium to avoid them. The result is that the local ad agency charging huge sums to create the ad has mellowed down, some have sold out and some have even closed shop. Promotions by manufacturers have done the trick.