Monday, November 22, 2010

Making the sale

Sitting idle and thinking about the expensive apparel you've bought recently is not an easy task. It is atleast not easy, when you check your account balance. But once you get your account balance,  there is always a hindsight perspective that makes you do so. So I spent a big amount this month in buying winter clothing. Rather, unnecessary purchases. There was one thing common to all those big purchases - The guy who was making the sale. His enthusiasm in making me try new clothes and getting the best stuff out there probably went a bit too heavy on my debit card. But nevertheless, it was these attributes that made me choose one store from another. Infact, while going through Art of selling, I could almost see the common traits amongst those who made the final sale. They are motivated by helping customers, have extroverted personalities, and are passionate about their work.
Well, the next time you are selling, make sure you induce these traits in yourself, like an act for 'making the sale' part of the play. And if you are buying, well don't give in to such people. Stick to your budget.