Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coercion Marketing

Making your employees work for your organization is as important as managing cash flows in an organization. Inside an organization, the management needs to market itself to the workers of the organization. The management has power over the employees and out of the five bases of power i.e. Reward, Referent, Legitimate, Coercive and Expert, they can choose to position themselves on any of the five themes. The worst is Coercive as in the case of Allied Nippon Ltd. where an HR Manager fired in the air to disperse a crowd of workers. The blow of this act was suffered by an Assistant Manager of the same company. The mob of workers vented their anger on him and he later succumbed to his injuries. This is a very important lesson since it is important to be aware of the power base chosen by the management. Also for the management, when dealing with workers, it becomes very important to choose a base of power before acting (and it better not be coercion).