Saturday, August 7, 2010

Social Media Marketing

Marketing and Publicity through Social Media has gained momentum. Every company today is looking for ways to maximize reach and presence through social media. There are two things about Social Media that make it important and useless
Social Media Marketing
  1. Social Media is a jet stream : It is important to come into social media since this jet stream propels you into the lives of people quickly. Hence if you want to be closest to your customer and figure out his needs (Marketing Concept) it is important to capitalize on this medium.
  2. Social Media cannot be a source of sustained advantage: The clutter of businesses on social media is quite visible. The day is not far away when every business(even you local general merchant) will have a Facebook page. Everybody has it, so how does it give you the edge ? Hence it is useless from the point of view of sustained competitive advantage.
What will make the difference ?
Jumping quickly to Social Media is not the trick. Making your customers jump onto your Social Media interface i.e. your twitter page or facebook page is the answer.