Saturday, August 14, 2010

TVS Keyboard - First Mover Advantage

We adopted a new symbol for the Indian rupees on 15 July 2010. A month later as we celebrate our independence day, TVS has come out with the first keyboard to incorporate the Rupee symbol. TVS Electronics claims to be the first company to have incorporated the recently designed rupee symbol into their Gold Bharat keyboard.This may be a simple product tinker, but it has given TVS the first mover advantage, a place in history books and an identity as a company that first introduced the Rupee symbol on the keyboard.
That gives them a perfect score!
Rupee symbol is something that every Indian would associate himself/herself with. It is something that every person in the typing business would need, esp news and publishing agencies. TVS would have sufficiently dented the market share of its competitors by the time they incorporate the same feature.
Now that is what I call beginners benefit.