Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The difference: BP oil spill and Bhopal Gas tragedy

Bhopal Gas Tragedy- Aftermath.
India is developing, GDP is growing rapidly, we have a great PM (on paper atleast), a Gandhi parivar (Huh!), companies targeting bottom of the pyramid, rising incomes and what not.
But we also have a pitiful Bhopal Gas Tragedy verdict. Warren Anderson lives a luxurious life in the Hamptons while the victims hopelessly search for a day where sun will shine on justice through the clouds of money that mercilessly blind the souls of the patrons of justice.
The 7 former employees of the Union Carbide subsidiary, convicted of causing death by negligence and each sentenced to two years imprisonment were released on bail with a fine of Rs.1 lakh. Wow!  Warren Anderson was escorted on a government plane. What ay country. Huh!
When the oil cleaning operations of deepwater horizon spill were going on, reports of ill effects of hydrocarbon fumes caused these operations to be ceased within 24 hours. Moreover safety masks were given to all those involved in clean up.
In India it takes 20 years for the family of a young girl who was molested by a DGP to get justice. It takes 26 years for more than 15,000 people dead to get a spit in the name of justice. The difference between them and us lies in one simple fact: How much do we care for our fellow countrymen.
I just have request to our leaders - For once give me a chance to say that you really care.