Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good upbringing: Google, China and censorship

You did well in your exams. That makes for a case of hardwork. You helped your friend in his difficult times - That makes a case of good friendship. You did not take a lucrative risk-less bribe - That makes a case of good upbringing.
Google as an organization is no different. Its decision to not censor search results in China despite legal and political restrictions, and keeping Google China at stake is case of good upbringing. The sixth point in its 10 point philosophy says - "You can make money without doing evil". It has stuck to its philosophy and the implications are loosing a lot of money.
This makes a case for the new generation entrepreneurs - Give your organization a good upbringing.
Loss of Business
This move has huge implications for Google's business in China including the roll out of Android with the help of China Mobile. Similarly China Unicom, the second largest telecom operator in China is no longer partnering with Google for search.
Communist vs Democratic Web
In an earlier post I had asked a question about communism on web. The answer is here - It cannot work. (Hackers just catalyzed the reaction)
Time line of events of Google in China