Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Can twitter bring a revolution?

Instant tweeting means faster transfer of information. This in turn leads to efficiency in markets, news etc. Now think about another scenario. A country with high internet usage. On a fine sunny day an office holder is is caught because of corrupt practices. The law (esp in India) will take its own long course. But the innovative tweeters have started tweeting. This has led to further tweets and re-tweets and trending topics comes in. Then comes the influential tweeter who writes "Meeting at cross roads - 1200 hours - Monday to raise our voice". Boom! The revolution has begun.

This chain to a successful twittelution needs the following 5 things :-
  1. Voice of twitter (Trending Topics)
  2. Influential Tweeters on Trending topics
  3. Location tracing on twitter (Which has started)
  4. Higher internet usage (in countries like India)
  5. And finally The spark!

Twitter can instantly connect and transfer public messages that can in no time evolve into a revolution.

PS: Twittelution = Twitter + Revolution