Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Public accountability on the rise

Two recent examples of increasing public accountability are signs of India moving forward. First is the high court decision (second time in four months) that chief justice of India be covered in RTI act and second is the resignation of MTNL chief R.S.P Sinha over declining revenues and market share of MTNL. This is a sign that tomorrow our leaders would be (and should be) accountable for larger issues.
The high court ruling states that
"The higher the judge is placed in the judicial hierarchy, the greater the standard of accountability and the stricter the scrutiny of accountability of such mechanism..."

Although in MTNL's case, wired telephony over all is on the decline and MTNL should have stepped out of simply wired telephony and related areas to remain competitive. MTNL's service has greatly improved recently but the wired telephony is in the decline phase of its lifecycle.