Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Idea behind the name

If you don't know, this blog was earlier called speak india. (url: speakindiablog.blogspot.com ). Now you would find it redirected towards where you(we) currently are i.e. (domainofhope.com). Yup the word is HOPE!

As to why I renamed it, Seth Godin explains it in a better way. He says,
"Fear mongering is a lousy profession, one that ought to be regulated, if not banned. I'm more in favor of hope mongering. 2010 is the year that the world will change. In fact, every year is that year, but this is the only time we'll get to change the world this time."
Fear of failure, fear of fall or simply fear (terror) is something we are used to and I feel we've had an overdose of it. (Courtesy : Hysterical Media).
Just to add to what Seth says, following the demand-supply relationship, I don't think there exists any demand for fear, rather there is an excessive supply. So if you want to be a successful person/enterprise, give something in demand. Fulfill a need. And the need is HOPE!