Thursday, January 14, 2010

The best way to celebrate

The best way is to give a call. It makes it personal without the baggage of visiting them in the choking traffic. SMS destroys the personal aspect of festival and celebration. I did not celebrate Lohri, but this was one of my most fulfilling celebration till date since I called up my family and friends and they were overjoyed. More so since they weren't expecting it. Although visiting and celebrating with them would have meant a lot more, a call did make up. Now thats what I call consumer Delight (within budgets). I feel Consumer delight in personal relationships goes a long way in strengthening bonds and build long lasting value adding relationships.

Below is what India was searching most on Lohri and Pongal (Coutesy: Google trends).

Better give a call than search the web for the best sms or scrap. And now its damn cheap. Just 1 paisa a second.