Saturday, December 19, 2009

His eyes red, to-do list long...

They only think of work. They have work, they do it and they ultimately do it well. Wow! what a fantastic story. They do things right, but do they do the right things ???

I was having a chat with my friend outside the library taking a nap, a rather longish nap when from a dimly lit door came a guy with a face devoid of smile and focussed only on one thing. What to do next ?
And guess what does he ask ? What work are you doing now and what is left ?
Our answer - Boss, not thinking about work, just enjoying a chilled winter night outside library and discussing about a new business plan.
I feel, to think beyond you need to think first. And you think first when you actually find time to think and speculate rather than work because somebody told you to do so.
His eyes were red and from our conversation, we figured that he had a long to-do list and bla bla...
He was late for his dinner and probably would have gone to work after that.

Living life like a clock - Quite inhuman. You eliminate all the fun out of life, the contingencies, uncertainties and ways of dealing with them. I had a presentation on change management today and the one lesson I learned was that dealing and helping change happen is not easy. Change and  flexibility are necessary to be with or ahead of times. Asking why am I doing this to how will I do this is more important. Too much deliberation is also suicidal, and has tendency to trap you in moh-maya trap, but neverthless to a certain (large) extent, it is important.
Without offences to the red eyed machine, I'd still say that innovators think beyond. Although my judgment of the red-eyed machine in saying he does not think beyond could be wrong, I feel most of them don't. (Those who do, Kudos to them). Having an answer to Why the eyes are red and a long to-do list is the key determinant between selecting the right work or doing the work correctly. Better choose the former first and then do the chosen work.