Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nexus One

Finally, Google pops out its very own nexus one with Android 2.1. Well the name Nexus in itself should send warning signals to you as Nexus, locked version is supposedly coming up with a price tag of $180. (A T-mobile 2 year contract). You'll understand why they call it Nexus when you'd read the terms of contract on PC World.
A non-nexus unlocked version will sell for a premium of $350 over the subsidized version. I expected more from Google. he iPhone funda of lock-unlock and premiums does not go well. Its a wait and watch right now. Google is set to have a media briefing on 5th Jan. The early buzz can be simply rumors also. When it comes to Google, you might end up being a part of 1st April Doodle(Only January this time).