Thursday, December 10, 2009

Easy Tiger!

Right in the hole! Hey Tiger, you put it in a lot them.
Tiger’s hormonal powers took over his mind. The tiger syndrome is what I call the side effect of success. When you have big money, lots of good wine all you need is “Women” and not a “Woman”. If gods can fall for pretty angels and forget wife, children… our tiger is a mortal. Nopes! I’m not supporting what tiger did, but let’s look at it in a different way. The bottom line of Tiger’s secret cave of women is that he was not loyal. Now when you are known for your loyalty to game, self, and people look upon you as a role model you get all the money by selling your identity to brands (Advertising). If Tiger’s ads are not being aired, it’s because his identity lost the attribute of loyalty. Sometimes some controversy is good. It might not do wonders for Tiger, but would do a lot good to the business of gossip magazines.Someones loss is somebody's gain.
His mastery of the game is there, but the aura of Tiger Woods would no longer remain. His name would go down in history not as a great man, but just a great golfer. Tiger did not, but future and current super athletes need to learn a lesson from our very own little master – Sachin.
Getting to business, paying athletes hefty sums to endorse products is not actually risky. If an athlete gets caught for the wrong reasons, you can dump him/her and still be in the news for being good. For sportspersons, they need to take every step with care.
This had to come out. It wouldn't have stayed on the couch for eternity. But for Tiger, not all is lost. Great men bounce back.