Thursday, December 31, 2009

3 idiots and some misconceptions

The professor's [Boman Irani] pen (which he had to hand over to the brightest student), was built by fischer space pen company specially for use in zero gravity. The common misconception associated with it is that NASA spent millions of dollars on making it and smarter Russians (atleast thats how I heard it) instead went ahead and used a pencil in space (I was a victim of the same misconception). I decided to check prof's argument on Wikipedia and here is what it says,
There exists a common urban legend claiming that the Americans spent millions of dollars developing the Space Pen, and the Russians used a pencil. In fact, NASA programs have used pencils (for example a 1965 order of mechanical pencils) but because of the danger that a broken-off pencil tip poses in zero gravity and the flammable nature of the wood present in pencils a better solution was needed. [Read more about Space Pen here]

Assuming Wiki to be accurate, the Prof was correct at the end of the movie.

Some advice to the story writers : Please remove lame jokes and questions like, "Why does the nose come in between when two people kiss". I heard that in Soldier (Remember long haired Bobby and Dimpled Zinta) last time and I'm quite sure that too wasn't original. These jokes only make you laugh at the lack of creativity of story/dialogue writers.(whoever is responsible for that, please do some introspection, audience analysis). Make a movie to remember, and not to sell only. 
As a story I'd say the twist was good. It was not a replica of the book, but the movie had too much, yes too much, melodrama and it looked quite unrealistic. I felt Aamir's acting was also not his best. This movie delivers a message but wasn't as captivating as Ghajini.
Music is good. All Izz Well can become the next anthem. Zoobi doobi is a nice song. Its been playing on in my head since the time I've watched the movie and from my little out of sync murmurs of the song, its spread over to my friends. Quite Contagious I tell you. I've liked Kareena Kapoor after a long time.
And as far as the book is concerned, it atleast sounded real.In the end, wot say about Bollywood. Chetan, You rock!