Sunday, October 25, 2009

BJP does it again, but how ?

I had little time to take a view of the election campaigning process that took place in the state elections, the results of which gave BJP another Jhatka. Looking and analyzing the results and results alone, it wouldn’t be hard for anyone to say that second innings for congress has just got going. The glaring thing about BJP is the big rupture in the party. The word missing from the party character is “Integrated”. As a marketer, if I am not clear with my product or an idea I’m trying to sell, how would I convince others. It is as simple as that. But to convince yourself and that too when you have a 100 heads (just a number, no reference) is tough. There is still going to be that unhappy head, which would give you a big time headache. And then there are those tumors and genetic defects. Now the meaning of this post can slip. I’ll keep it simple – It is not possible to satisfy everybody at the same time. And not to say that winning parties don’t have conflict of ideas. When there are two or more people there is going to be conflict of ideas and interests. As a unit, BJP, even remotely does not give the impression that it is a single unit. The central command has a soft voice and it unfortunately forgot to cultivate the new set of leaders. Today, BJP is lacking a clear vision, but then who does have a clear vision. The only vision cum mission is growth, development and upliftment of India and Indians. To have an edge, parties try to go the extra mile, when there is no need to. The result is that you see mythical characters such as Marathi manoos, caste or religion oriented agendas. Now aren’t you yourself dividing your own vote-bank (nation ofcourse). Symbolic gestures to attract the voters you rejected in your core agenda would not call them back, rather they would deplete the existing vote bank. The only thing that should appeal to a voter is the personality of a party.

I would recommend 3 B’s for BJP

  1. Behind: Look behind, and just look behind. Don’t analyze. Just check the extent of damage in your voting share. If possible hire some analysts.
  2. Bend: Bend towards a new ideology, a more universal one. Everybody would be a part of it. Hindu’s won’t leave you if you call others to join the party of development and prosperity.
  3. Birth: Think 10-15 years down the line. Cultivate new set of leaders. Expend some resources on them. Let the best one take the baton forward.
I want BJP to come back not because of my special affinity to it, but because for the prosperity of this country we need to have a competitor (and a one which poses some sort of a real threat) to the government to keep them on their toes and work for the betterment of the people (in a true sense, no tokenism). I hope BJP revives itself to challenge the government (on some real issues) and gives itself a national, infact an international character.