Thursday, June 18, 2009

Seeds and Numbers

We hardly think of quality these days. This fact is reiterated by the increasing of seats in educational institutes to accommodate the growing population. Quantity gives many hopes a chance to realize and quality (or the lack of it) extinguishes them. When we talk about admission and toughness, the competitive level is still increasing as the seats in colleges are not increasing in proportion with the number of aspirants. Well, quality still suffers. Seeds will help understand this concept better.

In this article Amritanada Ma, she talks about the essence of utilizing the seed.She says,
The seed contains the tree within it, but if it is content to lie in a storeroom somewhere, rats may eat it. Only by going under the soil will its true form emerge. It is to become the King of kings later on that the disciple takes on the role of a servant now.

That explains the point of good soil and storeroom. We not only need more, we need better soil. The success of the seeds hoping to serve and be the kings depends on what soil we provide and not how much we provide.