Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obama Muslim Nation

Barack Hussein Obama's hand of friendship to the Muslim world marks a beginning of a phase were talks holds priority and "bloody messages" take back seat. Recent articles on Obama's visit to Saudi Arabia and its reactions by al Qaida's leadership is an indicator of how the pill of peace can uproot terror. The change Obama talked about is now for all to see.

The economic recession and the need for security and safety will prompt the world of today to go for peace and not violence. The discontent because of unemployment and the great economic depression of the 1930's lead to a few leaders misguiding their countries to war. The world stands on similar crossroads today.

The ray of hope rests with the world's most powerful country and it is the duty of others to stand as pillars of support and support the endeavor to bring peace by methods of peace and non-violence to stop the ongoing fire that threatens to engulf the world.

Religion has divided us and now is the time we can use it to unite us. After all neither Osama, Obama or I will live for a thousand years. we'll live and gift another generation a hope to live and explore further. As a 22 year old boy, I want to see this hope move further.

The deep interest in which hope is tackling 'deep hatred' is being watched over by the whole world.

As he(Obama) arrived in Egypt, the supreme leader of Washington's arch foe in the region, Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said in a televised address that America was "deeply hated" in the Middle East and only action, not "slogans," could change that. - Reuters

I partially agree with this statement since it will take time to heal decades of hatred. But, a dialogue can initiate a change that could firstly remove the "deeply" part and then transform the "hated" part into "love".The technology boom that we are enjoying today is a result of a dialogue between scholars that lead to innovation.

My hope is further strengthened by the Google search trend that suggests the interest among people across the world in the visit of Barack Obama.
obama muslim nation