Friday, June 26, 2009

How to solve a problem

When in doubt...
Our mind usually works with intuition. It signals us to laugh when a joke (and yes not the sad type) is cracked, since it has been programmed that way.
But sometimes a situation that comes up is new and we are out of our comfort territory. Now what ?

This is what my first management class taught me. A simple matrix can be drawn after analyzing the constraints and criteria first and then applying the set of criteria to our options. Thinking about various options is still upto how far we can think, but in a complex situation with close set of options available,the matrix is often useful. Using it few times (or maybe more) will definitely tune the mind to work accordingly to make quick complex decisions.

Options O1 O2 O3
My Constraints

C1 (Highest priority) 5
C2 2
C3 (lowest priority) 1.5

01 - 8.5
02 - 10
03 - 8

Looking at the solutions, the first option (o1) might have been an obvious choice since it meets the requirements of the highest priority task. But adding the weightage of all three options we get 02 as the best suited choice.