Monday, June 15, 2009

Exams and time management

Exams have had a long relationship with time and its management. My packed schedule is preventing me from writing long posts but as my exams are approaching, the phenomena often associated with Exams prompts me to write this entry.

Two things that often make many nervous are Exams and Mathematics. I remember a discussion with my friend who after giving his last maths exam of engineering said, "Finally, no maths". Today he his doing his post graduation in Signals and Systems, which involves a lot of mathematics. It is sometimes ironic and amazing how a set of numbers govern every aspect of our life. Behavioural sciences requires maths. Marketing is yet another example. Now every exam, whether of our favourite subject or our feared subject needs time, which is again playing with numbers.

Time management vibrates the air waves as we begin our schooling. It goes till we take the last breath. It might sound too heavy but thats how important maths is.

My preparatory course in mathematics for research in management is dealing with both practically applicable and pure mathematics. The importance of this although is much deeper in management and even more in engineering, it teaches the basics of maths.

However far you may be from maths or exams(either of curriculum or of life), strangely our lives still remain governed by maths and time. Its better if we master the art and take on the challenge.