Friday, May 29, 2009

Social Media for Business

The trend and power of Social Media can be leveraged to market products in a very cost effective manner. It also helps in creating a brand out of your business. Small business can use it to grow bigger than the big businesses since the costs involved as abysmally low and the volumes are sky high.

[Presentation below]
The usual business is through networks, phone, portals,advertisements and it goes well.Networking is good, the phone makes it

personal, Portal makes it online and advertisements spread awareness. But as Our Ambitions are high, business hould be good

and for that Volumes should be high, deadlines have to be met, Costs Should be low.But the cost is also too high as

networking takes time, phone is only good when it is picked up, Portals needs to be advertised and advertisements are costly.

The Social Media comes to the rescue. It tells the world
Who you are
What you do
How you do it
Your strengths
And maybe, your weaknesses too.

It does it through,Blogs,Forums,Social networking websites and Micro-blogs. This creates a buzz about your business.It helps in
Reaching target audience
Getting high volumes
Reducing costs
Spreading awareness
Getting effective feedback
Better Brand value
And lots more…