Saturday, May 30, 2009

Racism in Australia

Racism in Australia : The recent attacks on Indian students in Australia is a reminder of the fact that when it comes to fighting back, we lack unity and power.

In the recent cases of violence against Indians, one thing has been common. Indians are not welcome to Australia, which is also indicated by constant denial by Australian PM, Kevin Rudd. I was shocked when I saw the reports of the racist attacks and the response to it on Times Now. A high ranking police official went on record saying that Indians were passive and hence were the victims of opportunistic crime.
What the hell!
Does a passive individual not have a right to live ?
And what right do you have to come and screw up a guy just because he poses no threat and because being a guest he is well behaved. Does the police official mean that Aussies are active and passive Aussies have been dealt the same way.

I am not sad because a few Australians (not all) reacted in this way. I am sad to see a cow like response from India. Are we so soft that anyone can come, screw us up and get away. And what youth victory are we talking about ?

As of now I'm praying for the ones who've been attacked and are battling their lives. Their parents have put in a lot of effort and money to send them, an entire family's hope depends on them as with everyone. Don't fool around with violence. I hope they come out and restore themselves to be fighting fit again.

Searching for the causes for these attacks, it is evident that Indians are performing well in Australia, better than a few incompetent locals responsible for this mess. Else I don't see any reason why only Indians are being singled out and attacked. The name given to these cowardly attacks is "Racism", since those incompetent individuals think they are a superior race, infact they are not. They are just a bunch of good for nothing individuals [Not all, I am stressing that]. This is not a India vs Australia war as it was during the monkey gate controversy, this is a case of "Live and let live".

At the end of it I'd just reiterate this question - Aren't we tired of violence,terror ?