Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Punjab riots : The riots in Punjab after Vienna killing - Is India Still deeply divided ?

The Punjab riots, which took place as a backlash of killing in Vienna wasn't in good taste, even more since the voice of a secular united India are getting stronger.

Getting out on the streets and vandalizing property is something that shows that how far behind we are despite all modern ideas. The area of Punjab has seen a lot of violence in the last century and still people have a hunger for more.

The violence began within hours of the attack in Vienna, where armed six men stormed into a Gurudwara. This led to the death of the religious leader, Sam Rama Nand, who was opposed by several Sikh groups.

Under the masquerade of backlash, the opportunists looted shops, robbed people of their hard earned money. The dynamics of this backlash are of a somewhat different nature, with the cause being social divide rather than a solely religious one.

Moreover, these riots bring a bad name to the country and also to the Sikhs, who are a highly regarded community.

The things meant for self defence are being used to attack. I wonder how many more innocent lives it will take till we learn the lesson of peace.

The young brigade is often not taught the chapter and I believe the government should introduce a compulsory subject on peace, which with videos of the horrific nature and the sad outcomes of violence would embed an anti-violence feeling in every child.