Thursday, May 21, 2009

Double strike

These days are probably the best for Sonia Gandhi and her family. The landslide victory of the congress in the Lok Sabha Polls of 2009 and the death of Vellupillai Prabhakaran, LTTE chief, the plotter of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, bring double joy along with winds of hope.

A stable government at center paved the way for a sky rocketing stock market, a feature common since 1984. Another common feature of the congress government has been the long-term decline of stock market. The BJP victory in 1999 was followed by a 13% decline in the market, but rose in long term.

A further introspection into the results of this election makes me believe that the opposition i.e. BJP will have to work very hard to come back to power. The congress despite a clear mismanagement of India’s security made it through. The Indian voter has gone for the secular ploy and given the congress another chance. Even after 26th November attacks on Mumbai, controlling the CBI for its own purposes and Sky-high food prices, they defeated an opposition, which was clearly weak.

Delhi had all 7 constituencies go to congress. This shows that the urban, middle class vote of a state that too was affected by terror attacks and communal polarization (batla house encounter) had a clear choice.